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April 11, 2009

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February 15, 2009

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November 17, 2008

The Caribbean flamingo, the perfect bird for zoo, recreation-park or garden.

Caribbean Flamingo

About the aviculture of this magnificent bird-species

Flamingos are easy to keep! They can be fed with a special flamingo-pellet (like for example of the brand Mazuri) that contains a complete nutrition. Almost no bird is easier to feed then flamingos. The color maintains orange-red during the whole year.

A small group of flamingos can already be kept in an enclosure of just a few quadratic meter with a small pond or at a natural lake. Flamingos can be kept with other ornamental waterfowl like swans, ducks and geese.

The birds can be kept behind a fence less then one meter high. In some cases flamingos can be kept free; they stay at your compound and if they have a good life they will not go away. In winter they need to be kept at night indoors in case your country has temperatures below 0 C.

The species is getting an age of at least 30 years, is not sensible for diseases and has her breeding-age at 2- 3 years old; breeding occurs regularly in captivity.

International Flamingo Services offers you free advice and consultancy if you want to start keeping flamingos. We can help you to design an enclosure in an easy way that is suitable. See our inquiry-form for free consultancy.

Caribbean flamingos: well-known by all nations.

Scientific-Phoenicopterus ruber
English-Caribbean flamingo, Cuban flamingo
German-Kuba Flamingo
Russian-Красный фламинго
Spanish-Flamenco rojo
Swedish-Röd flamingo

Origin: Cuba, Florida, Mexico and other countries in the Caribbean area

PLEASE NOTE: Our offers are not valid for the U.S.A, import into the USA is prohibited.

International Flamingo Services is a division of International Zoo Services

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